Newton Commands

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Learn all of the commands in Newton.

What is a command?

A command is a term that tells the bot what to do with inputted data, almost like telling your dog to do something and it responding with the correct request.

Fun Commands

Fun commands are meant to bring more people to your Discord server, they are perfectly suited to attract people and make your Discord overall more fun to use.

Below is a full list of Fun Commands in Newton.


Usage: /8ball [question]

Permissions Needed: None

Ask the magic 8 ball a question and receive a randomised answer.


Usage: /6323003

Permissions Needed: None

Reference to the Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark song, Red Frame / White Light.


Usage: /desu

Permissions Needed: None

Provides a link to "Desu Desu Desu 10 Hours".


Usage: /kiss [@member]

Permissions Needed: None

Kiss a specified member on the lips.


Usage: /cuddle [@member]

Permissions Needed: None

Cuddle a specified member.


Usage: /pet [@member]

Permissions Needed: None

Pet a specified member.


Usage: /ship [@member]

Permissions Needed: None

Pair yourself with a specified member to get a percentage on how much you belong together.


Usage: /butterflies [@member]

Permissions Needed: None

See how horny a specified user is.

OwO [/owo < sentence >]

OwOify any sentence.

Dice [/dice < sides >]

Roll a dice with however many sides you want. Perfect for any game.

Trump [/trump]

Retrieves a random quote from Donald Trump.

Ku Klux Klan [/kkk]

Creates a random number of lynched n's. (This is a joke, obviously)


Usage: /bean [@member] | [fake reason]

Permissions Needed: None

Pretend to ban a member with a fake reason.

Default Commands

Default commands are commands we think every bot should have, they are useful and provide members and admins with some decent functions.

Below is a full list of Default Commands in Newton.


Usage: /help

Permissions Needed: None

Shows the help documentation.

Invite [/invite]

Usage: /invite

Permissions Needed: None

Shows an embed so you can invite Newton to your server.

Embed [/embed < title > | < colour > | < image url (Use " for nothing) > | < description >]

Lets you create a simple embed.

Advembed [/advembed < title > | < url > | < author > | < author icon > | < colour > | < image url (Use " for nothing) > | < thumbnail url (Use " for nothing) > | < description > | < footer > | < footer icon >]

Lets you create an advanced embed.

Who made Newton possible?

Everyone who keeps the wheels turning.


WindowsLogic started Newton in mid-2018 in hopes of making a decent alternative to his AwesomeBot modfications. Newton is written in Discord.js which uses Node.js to operate.